Thursday, November 25, 2021, Za-Koenji 2

You can watch the concert from anywhere!

Erhu player Kanae Nozawa's new concert stage will once again be a forest.


Please enjoy the mystic forest created by nature's original trees and flowers, and the world of erhu and orchestra sounds from the depths of the forest.

Open 6p.m Start 6:30p.m(JST)

Ticket 3,000yen



You can watch it anytime during the period.( November 25th 9: 30p.m〜December 2nd 11: 59p.m)


Erhu Vocal:Kanae Nozawa

Piano Keyboard:Maki Furugaki、Guitar:Tomoyoshi Watanabe、Percussions:Yu Sato、

Strings:1stVn. Nagisa Sakaki、Tadashi Machida、Tomoko Jyoho 2ndVn. Maoto Nagasaki 、Eson Shin  Va. Kintaro Hagiya、Mayuko Takagi  Vc. Masao Watanabe 、Shota Oki  Cb. Koji Akaike

Conductor:Tamiya Terashima

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