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Two new singles will be released on February 22

The second song project of Kanae Nozawa, a highly acclaimed erhu player and vocalist, releases two singles!

記憶の滴 / Drop of Memory

Drop of Memory" written by Chie Sawaguchi and composed by Kanae Nozawa, who created one of Nozawa's most famous songs, "Sennen no Koi".

The song has an irregular beat, yet catchy melody and epic worldview lyrics that stuck in your head.

羽ばたきの鳥 / Azure Sky

"Habataki no Tori" was composed by Takeshi Ike, known for composing the Dragon Ball theme song "Maka Fushigi Adventure! The lyrics were written by Maki Kirioka, a multi-talented composer, arranger, lyricist, and artist, and newly written by Kanae Nozawa, featuring her soft voice.

Tamiya Terashima, who has worked on numerous films, animations, and operas, sound-produced and arranged the song, which features the gentle sounds of guitar and strings.

7th Album 「Arkadia」

March 24th, 2021 ReleaSe

〜The third and final album in the series〜


Kanae Nozawa, an erhu player, has been fascinated by the erhu, a Chinese folk instrument that fascinates listeners with its unique and lustrous sound. This is the 7th album of Kanae Nozawa  who is active in a wide range of fields. With composer Tamiya Terashima as the sound producer, the album tells a story like a movie and a world of grand scale through music." This is a full-length work that harmonizes the "erhu played as if singing" with a band, strings, and folk instruments!


Track list


Track List

1. Traveler

2. Beautiful world

3. Journey

4. 優しさの種 / The Seeds of Kindness

5. 狭間の刻 / In The Deep Gorge

6. 秘密箱 / Karakuri Box

7. Kizuna

8. Aurora

9. Destiny

10. 約束の朝 / Promised Morning

11. Arkadia

1st Vocal Album  「空の記憶 The Memory of Sky」

December.1st, 2018

〜A Story of the Heart Connected by the Sky〜

This is the first vocal album by Kanae Nozawa, who has made her debut as an erhu player 11 years ago, and has also made her presence known through her singing. She expresses the world of words written by lyricists such as Goro Matsui, Yuriko Mori, Eiko Xu, and Takahiro Maeda with her soft, erhu-like voice. The sound is produced by composer Tamiya Terashima, who has also collaborated on his own erhu album. This is a collaboration album with a gorgeous team of artists, including newly written songs.



The album contains a total of 10 songs: 7 vocal songs and 3 instrumental songs.


Track List


1. 空の記憶/ The memory of sky(instrumental)

 Music: Kanae Nozawa

2. 風の旅人/ Wind traveller

 Lyrics: Goro Matsui Music: Kanae Nozawa

3. 茉莉花慕情 / Jasmine Bojo 

 Lyrics: Yuriko Mori  Music:Eri Kawai

4. 蛍 / Hotaru

 Lyrics:  Eiko kyo Music: Kanae Nozawa

5. 思い出の道 /Road of Memories(instrumental) 

 Music: Kanae Nozawa

6. 終わりなき巡礼/ Owarinaki jyunrei 

 Lyrics: Yuriko Mori  Music: Frankie T.

7. 心の糸 / Kokoro  no ito

 Lyrics: Goro Matsui Music: Kanae Nozawa 

8. 祈るように蕾は上を向く /Inoru youni tsubomi ha ue wo muku

 Lyrics: Takahiro Maeda  Music: Tamiya Terashima

9. Komorebi〜木漏れ日〜(instrumental)

 Music: Niko Pihlaja 

10. そんなあなたでいいのです / Sonna anata de iino desu

 Lyrics: Goro Matsui Music: Kanae Nozawa

6th Album 「BRAVE era of the planet」

June 9th, 2017

This is the sixth original album by erhu player Kanae Nozawa. The sound producer is Tamiya Terashima, who is known for his film music such as "Gedo Senki" and "Han ochi" as well as his previous work. The story played by Kanae Nozawa on the erhu is beautiful and powerful, and you can feel the new world of the erhu. With the participation of various artists and performers, this is an ambitious album with a sound worth listening to.


Track List

1.   Historia 

2.Forest in Fantasia 



5.霧の舟 /Misty Shallop




9.芽吹き / Mebuki

10.流浪の花 /Rurou no hana

11. Era of the planet


5th Album 「PLANET」

DQC-1310 2,700円

This is an ambitious work with Tamiya Terashima, the composer known for "Gedo Senki", as the sound producer.



The various landscapes encountered by a traveler who lands on a planet are expressed in music of a grand scale. In order to express the sense of the world of each of the songs in the collection, strings, numerous ethnic instruments, a large chorus group, and other sounds of nature were included. This is the first album by the Planet Terra Project, a group of domestic and international creators!


Track List

1. Planet 


3.水月 / Suigetsu

4.星の祭 / Festival of planet


6.風の丘を越えて / Over the Wind Hill

7.Ancient Flame 


9.Ends of the West Continent 

10.光の道 / Hikari no michi 

Erhu played Japanese traditional song「Kokoro no Melody」

December.17, 2012


Japanese melodies played by erhu. Contains 13 songs including 2 originals!


Track List


2.Takeda Lullaby




6.Oboro Zukiyo

7.Ame Furi Otsuki

8.Hamabe No Uta 

9.Natsu No Omoide 

10.Sato No Aki 


12.Yuki No Furu Machi Wo 

13.SYunka Syutou(Original) 


4th Album 「Gift」

March.16th, 2011


This album was created by Kanae Nozawa to express her gratitude to the people who listen to her music.


 Track List

1. Sora He! 

2. Tabidachi No Asa 

3. Jinchouge 

4. Madobe Ni Furu Ame 

5. ONE 

6. Spain 

7. Rasen No Sora 

8. GIFT 


3rd Album 「Canary」

November.11th, 2009


Kanae Nozawa plays the erhu as if singing. Her third album is even more beautiful and brilliant.


 Track List

1. Ryusei

2. jiku Hikou 

3.  Chamomile 

4. Syounen Jidai 

5. Ye Lai Xiang 

6. Clap your hands 


8. Habanera

9. Kazahana 

10. Ajisai Dori

11.I Need to Be in Love

12. Sennen No Koi

13. eternal flow 

14. Toki Wo Wataru Kaze

2nd Album 「Gekka〜Sincerely〜」

March.12th, 2008


The word "Gekka" means moonlight. Moonlight shining gently in the clear night sky... Kanae Nozawa, who magically manipulates the erhu, a symbol of healing tones, brings you an album that pours out countless love to dear people, things, and hearts.


Track List

1. Jyun Ai 

2. sakura 

3. inspire 

4. Scarborough Fair 

5. Kaze No Kanata He

6. Nada Sousou

7. Hikouki Gumo 

8. Adventure 

9. When you wish Upon a Star 

10. Sosyu Yakyoku 

11. Going 

12. Gekkou

Debut Album 「Naturally〜Water and Shine〜」

January.17th, 2007


Erhu player Kanae Nozawa's long-awaited major debut album. You will be surrounded by tenderness and beauty.


Track List

1. Mizu No Miyako 

2. Annie Laurie

3. Youkige 

4. Dear 

5. Je Te Veux 

6. My Favorite Things 

7. Jyounetsu 

8. Miagete Goran Yoru No Hoshi Wo 

9. Heri Jun Zai Rai